The King of Sports 2013

Football is the most important game in the most important country in the world. What does it look like from the inside?

The King of Sports is a fantastic book.” Chuck Todd, NBC News.

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The Leading Indicators 2012

Economic indicators tell the big picture. What about the little picture of the impact of trends on one family?

Arriana Huffington called The Leading Indicators, "The first great novel of the Great Recession." The Buffalo News called The Leading Indicators "powerful stuff" that "aims high."

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Sonic Boom 2009

The world economy is likely to be fine – but will the ever-increasing pace of change drive everyone crazy?

“A pleasure to read and a welcome counter to the pessimism that surrounds us.” - the Wall Street Journal.

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The Progress Paradox 2004

Living standards keep rising, yet people are no happier as a result. What does this paradox tell us about ourselves and our future?

Book serial rights sold to Time magazine.

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The Here and Now 2002, St. Martin’s Press

Can lost idealism be regained? That is the question of this novel, which follows the fortunes Carter Morris, a burned-out middle-aged man, as he struggles to comprehend what happen to the ideals of his youth. Also he’s beginning to have puzzling experiences — real or imagined? — that suggest he may be given a second chance at a meaningful life.

“Moving.” The New York Times Book Review
“Exceptionally moving.” The Los Angeles Times

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Tuesday Morning Quarterback 2001, Universe

This goofy book uses haiku and humor to dissect that most all-important of subjects – pro football. Illustrated with art photographs of 1920s no-helmet version of the sport, it’s the perfect gift book for the football fanatic in your life: who may be you.

A haiku sample:

Ideally, don’t play;

fans wince when I trot on field.

I am the punter.


“Our favorite stocking-stuffer book of the season.”The Washington Post
“One of the Web’s surprise cult hits.”The New York Times
“Hilarious entertainment…Tuesday Morning Quarterback has pretty much locked up the genre of humorous football poetry.”NPR's "All Things Considered"

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Beside Still Waters 1998, William Morrow

Can a modern rationalist be fully aware of the faults of faith, and yet still believe? What parts of scripture are the hardest to get your head around? (It’s certainly not the miracle passages.) What do we assume is in the Bible that actually is not there? These and other questions of theology and belief are addressed in a book subtitled “searching for meaning in an age of doubt.”

“Fascinating and elegant. Easterbrook invests the timeless questions of life’s meaning with distinctly contemporary pertinence.”George F. Will
“A powerful testament for our times.” Jean Bethke Elshtain, University of Chicago
“An audacious book, vast in scope and shocking in some of its conclusions. A stimulating book that can challenge and prod believers and nonbelievers alike.”Hartford Courant

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A Moment on the Earth 1995, Viking

Subtitled “the coming age of environmental optimism,” this book anticipated by nearly a decade the current evidence that in the Western nations, all forms of pollution except greenhouse gases are declining. Hugely controversial when first published, “A Moment on the Earth” has stood the test of time in 750 pages of detail – and books that are denounced when published, then widely respected a decade later, often have most long-term influence.

A New York Times and American Library Association Notable Book.

“Deserves to be read, investigated, argued about and honored. Easterbrook has taken one of the most complex modern subjects and made it pleasurable reading. His essays are written with great vigor and plenty of heart.” New York Times Book Review (cover review)
“Powerfully persuasive.”Los Angeles Time
“Magisterial learning and a driving argument.”The Economist
“Will wind up on a shelf of classics, aside Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ and Aldo Leopold’s ‘Sand County Almanac.’”Richmond Times Dispatch

This Magic Moment 1989, St. Martin's Press

Critics raved about this novel of modern life, love and honor – and it sunk without a trace. No longer in print, “This Magic Moment” is sure to return to bookstores someday, and would make a fine movie too. So if you’re a publisher or filmmaker, why not do yourself a favor and contact my agent? Here are some of the raves:

“This Magic Moment is funny, appealing, original, handsome, smart, beautiful. It dazzles. If this book were a man or woman, you’d want to go out with it. You’d fall in love with it.” Los Angeles Times
“More ideas per page than any piece of fiction in recent memory.”New York Times Book Review
“Easterbrook writes with clarity and precision. To call this novel refreshing is an understatement; it is downright thrilling.”Washington Post
“Compares with the early novels of Saul Bellow.”United Press International
(Yes, UPI really said that)

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